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We have been implementing PM3 at the NHS since 2008

Specifically designed for the NHS
PM3 is the number #1 PMO / Portfolio

Project Management tool in the NHS            It is used by over 30 NHS organisations including HEE and NHS Professionals.
We have been  implement ing PM3 at the NHS since 2008.

During this time we have worked closely with the NHS to create a version of PM3

PM3NHS, for the NHS.

This version of PM3 includes support for benefits tracking

benefits realisation and Quality Impact assessments.
We also have a range of comprehensive CIP and QIPP  dashboard s that show in tabular and graphical form the projected yearly savings against the target.

“We undertook a detailed evaluation of the other leading tools in the NHS
PM3 scored top in terms of usability and look and feel”

SAVINGS TRACKING                 EASE OF USE                 DRILL DOWN DASHBOARDS                 IMPACT ASSESSMENTS                 UPDATE TASKS & ISSUES ON YOUR  SMARTPHONE                                       Savings tracking.

PM3 has some unique functionality for the NHS on savings planning and tracking

We have worked closely with Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust to tailor PM3 so that you can automatically upload savings activities, .

KPIs and values from Excel into all schemes in PM3

Each savings line in the savings plan can be linked to the  milestone  that triggers the saving.
In this way, PM3  highlights  the benefit owner when a key milestone is delayed which affects the overall benefit.
This ensures that your savings or CIP plan is  up to date  and accurate.
Ease of use.
Many schemes in the NHS are managed by clinicians who have not used  project management  tools before.
We have engaged user experts to tailor the user journeys so that PM3 is as simple to use as possible.
You can also hide screens that users do not need to carry out their role.

This declutters the screens and makes PM3 easy to use

Drill down  dashboard s.

PM3 has over 150 configurable high-quality reports that can be downloaded or printed
PM3 has a number of drilldown dashboards that sponsors and executives can use

These can be viewed on a tablet or  mobile device .
Impact  assessment s.
The NHS is careful that any project or scheme does not impact on quality of care to patients.
The NHS has to run a number of impact assessments that need to be approved by senior directors.
PM3 supports these various impact assessments and allows assessments and approvals to be printed or displayed.
“We undertook a detailed evaluation of the other leading tools in the NHS.

PM3 scored top in terms of usability and look and feel”            Natalie Kevitt

Head of PMO, Wirral Community NHS Trust                                                                    View an online tour.
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