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Fest & ConsInterviewsSDCC July 22

RLJE Films Announces Select Rights Along With DVD & Blu-Ray Release Date For ‘Yummy’
‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ Teaser Gives us a New Home and New Haunting Tale This October
‘Black Myth: Wukong’ Gameplay Trailer Has the Internet Buzzing
Creepcast: Russia is Hiding a Government Secret in the Sci-Fi Horror Thriller ‘Sputnik’

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Interviews September 1, 2020      Interviews July 9, 2020  INTERVIEW: Director Amy Seimetz Discusses ‘She Dies Tomorrow’ and Ideological  Contagion .
Interviews September 26, 2019  Interview: Adam Krause & John Pata Discuss Fear of Clowns and Their  New Feature  ‘Gags the Clown’.
Fest & Cons Interview sSDCC July 22, 2019  SDCC 2019: Bruce Campbell Discusses His UFO Encounter at the’Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!’ Press Conference.

InterviewsPanic Fest January 24

2019  Interview: Adam Krause & John Pata Discuss Fear of Clowns and Their New Feature ‘Gags’.

Adrian Torres InterviewsSXSW May 19

2018  Interview: The Cast And Director Of ‘Upgrade’ (Betty Gabriel, Logan Marshall Green, Leigh Whannell).

Fest & ConsInterviewsPanic Fest February 1

2018  Director Ryan Prows Talks About the Challenges of Making IFC Midnight’s ‘Lowlife’.

Downrightcreepy Interviews November 5

2016  “Channel Zero” Creator Nick Antosca Talks About That Big Twist and More.

Downrightcreepy Interviews October 21

2016  ‘Channel Zero’ Creator Talks ‘Candle Cove,’ Implies Possible Return in Season 2.

Kelly Powell InterviewsSXSW April 1

2016  Interview: The Invitation Director Karen Kaysuma Builds Tension Like No Other.
Featured  Reviews .
89                Short Film Showcase : ‘The Stylist’ Will Make You Want to Cut Your Hair at Home Forever.


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