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Starting with Microsoft Access 2007

MSAccess Date Picker Not Available for Unbound Text Fields with Input Mask

Starting with  Microsoft  Access 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, if you create a database of type .accdb, text controls bound to date datatype fields will automatically display a date picker with or without an input mask:  Unbound text fields will also display the date picker if you set the Format property to a valid date format and set the Show Date Picker property to “For dates”:  … but only if the Input Mask property is left blank.
As soon as you specify an input mask on the unbound text field, the date picker immediately stops working.  Here’s an example:     Input Mask Property is Blank:    Input Mask Property is set to any value:      Result: Date Picker is  available :    Result: Date Picker is Not Available:      This is true even if you happen to use Microsoft’s own Input Mask Wizard to set the input mask.
If you happen to hit this bug and would also like to have it fixed, please vote for the idea on the Access user voice site: https://access.uservoice.com/forums/319956-access-desktop-application/suggestions/31526878-fix-bug-date-picker-not- available -if-unbound-text Simply removing the input mask solves the problem – if you can convince your end users that they no longer need the input mask.
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