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Crimson Tide is a public limited company

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History of Crimson Tide The company was founded by Barrie Whipp in 1996

originally specialising in telecoms and the development of CRM solutions.
It was in 2004 that Crimson Tide established and launched its mpro mobile business  solutions , which have now become the company’s sole focus.
Crimson Tide has  registered  offices in the UK and Ireland and the company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.
Crimson Tide as a public limited company On 22nd August 2006  Crimson Tide plc (UK:TIDE) floated on the AIM market of the  London stock exchange  by way of a reverse takeover of A.
Cohen & Co.
Crimson Tide is a public limited  company .
What are mpro mobile business  solutions .
mpro is Smart Mobile Working as a Service and includes all of the following features & services on an affordable monthly subscription basis:  The hardware ( smartphone /PDA/tablet).
The mpro software.
Job scheduling, alerting &  reporting .
Windows Azure cloud  infrastructure  (meaning no internal infrastructure required by clients).
Installation &  support .
What do mpro mobile  solutions  aim to achieve for businesses.
mpro aims to improve the efficiency of staff working & capturing data out in the field (whether that it an engineer or a nurse) while simultaneously offering the company an immediate return on investment.
Crimson Tide’s aims and values: The company’s values are reflected in all employees and can be summarised under the following headings:  Partnership – We value customers and suppliers who treat us as equals.
We will give our very best efforts to these organisations..
Dynamism – We embrace technology and change.
We seek to always grow our knowledge for the benefit of ourselves and our partners, and to provide a world-class service.
Teamwork – We seek a happy, motivated team who enjoy being part of the crimson tide mpro family – a team that serves our customers with integrity and skill, always.
Trust – We want your team to trust our team.
We will work tirelessly to establish a rapport and deliver a world class service that you can trust.

Crimson Tide’s Registered Address The company is registered in England number 0113845
The Registered Office is Oakhurst House

77 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 8BS.

Crimson Tide plc is a holding company
Its’ principal trading subsidiaries are: Crimson Tide mpro Limited

a provider of mobile data and software solutions, registered in England, number 2977368 and Crimson Tide (IE) Limited, also a supplier of mobile data and software solutions, registered in Ireland, number 289818.
Shareholder number: Our dedicated shareholder telephone number is 0870 889 3166 The company operates mainly in the United Kingdom and The Republic of Ireland   LEI (Legal Entity Identifier): 213800YUNLNBVYR3G129 Official Entity Name: CRIMSON TIDE PLC.


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