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comments… Paul December 6

Autonomy and  Authority .
These days  about how we designed  as an  organization .
After all, going through a transition from a traditional  management  model to a situation where company has no managers at all is quite an achievement.
One of the pillars of managerless  organization al design is autonomy.
Interestingly enough, when , who I respect a lot, talks  about   he uses somewhat different wording.
Corollary to that, I may not have formal  authority  but I can feel courageous enough to make a decision.
If that is an acceptable part of an  organization al culture it means that I may have autonomy without authority.
By the way the latter case is  interesting  as it pictures the attitude I’m very fond of:.
That’s, by the way, another case that  portraits  that.
,    ,    ,    ,    ,                   comments…                       Paul      December 6, 2017, 10:19 pm          Grace Hopper is so often misquoted, and with that common error the  quotation  makes little sense.
It is not easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
It’s in fact much easier to ask permission than forgiveness.

But what she said was that it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to GET permission

What I love about Lunar Logic is that you’ve created an environment in which the reverse is true.

Only in Lunar is it actually easier to get permission than forgiveness

December 7, 2017, 2:54 am          @Paul – You are right about the Grace Hopper’s quote and I typically include the actual quote.
I adjusted the wording to reflect the original better.
You made me thinking  with your comment that at Lunar it’s easier to get permission than to ask forgiveness.
I never looked at it this way.
On one hand I don’t disagree with the statement.
On the other “getting permission” rubs me in the wrong way.
It may be my bias but it suggests to me that there is some kind of approval stage, even if informal.
What is close to my heart is the idea of (bounded) autonomy, where everyone knows that (within given constraints) there is approval that one has to go through.
I mean other than one happening in one’s head to justify the call.
Anyway, thanks for food for thought.
Duage      May 24, 2018.

7:29 am          Thank you for sharing this information

I believe that implementing this initially would be very difficult, but in the long run it would bring great benefits.
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