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Download QR-Code Funky Lights sergeyd

Funky Lights.
Posted on April 19, .

2015 by Russell Dorn   • 0 Comments  Graphics - 7/10  7/10

Gameplay - 8.5/10  8.5/10.
Replay Value - 7/10  7/10.
Originality - 8/10  8/10.
7.6/10                                                                         4.0  (1  votes).
Nice, .

Minimalistic User Interface (UI)
Lots of Levels -Some Interesting Puzzles

Free to Play.
Slow Pacing Until Level 20.
App  Description .

Test yourself with a Funky Lights puzzle game

Enjoy 100 exciting levels with  intuitive  gameplay – try simple levels first and gradually progress to challenging ones.

Just move Lasers on a 7×7 field to hit all Targets on its borders

Help yourself with Mirrors, Splitters, Glasses and Prisms.
Start with solving first levels to unlock next ones.
100 original levels with progressive  difficulty .
Easy gameplay and learning-by-doing at first levels.

Cool minimalistic design with HD graphics

Download Funky Lights.
Download   QR-Code           Funky Lights         sergeyd.
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