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Custom Forms.
Custom Forms.
Your district’s unique forms can be administered and tracked with PA-ETEP.  When you create a custom form in PA-ETEP, you determine the number of  questions , the types of questions, and the rating scale.
Create walkthrough, ‘look for,’ and/or ‘drop in’ forms to monitor building or district  initiatives .
Develop checklists, simple rubrics, and other observation forms and use them with not only your teachers, but also non-teaching  profession al educators and paraprofessionals.
Build improvement plans or professional  development  plans.
Once a custom form is built and used, generate a report that summarizes  your data .
Build custom forms for any or all y our employees .
With the custom form module, build a variety of forms for teachers, non-teaching professionals,  supervisor s, para-professionals, administrative staff, and more.
Quickly and easily build forms to monitor the progress of district initiatives, or forms to facilitate professional growth plans or  individual  improvement plans.
You can even build self-assessment rubrics with your own rating scales, language,  components , and domains.
Take the next step and get a  private demo  of PA-ETEP Custom Forms for your School District.
Free Demo, Free Training, Free Support.
Schedule a Demo                                                                            Create observation forms with all the question types you need.
Yes/No Answer Fields with Notes                                         Single Row and Paragraph Text Fields                                         Multiple Choice                                         Check Box                                           Drop Down Selection                                                                                                                            Create forms with Likert Scales.
Create Rubric Observations.
Take the next step and get a private demo of PA-ETEP Custom Forms for your School District.
Free Demo, Free Training, Free Support.
Schedule a Demo                                                                            PA-ETEP Teacher Evaluation Base Product Modules.
Formal ObservationsWalkthroughs & Anecdotal NotesAttachments82 Rating FormsDynamic ReportsSupport, Training, and Resources                                 Available Add-On Modules.
Student Learning ObjectivesDifferentiated ObservationsNTPE ObservationsCustom Forms               Quick Links.
Recent News & Updates Compare PA-ETEP Referral Program Pricing                             Support Documents.
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Our Solutions.
Pennsylvania’s #1 Choice for Evaluation Management     Learn More                             Manage All PDE Compliance Items in One Place     Learn More                             Track, Manage, Submit Continuing Education Hours to PERMS     Learn More                             Facilitate All Paper-Based Forms and Requests Electronically     Learn More.


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