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CES Coverage.
CES Coverage.
CES 2019.
CES 2019: Convention Show Floors CES 2019: ShowStoppers Press Event CES 2019: Digitial  Experience  Press Event CES 2019: Pre-Show CES 2018.
CES 2018: Show Floor Roundup Part 2 CES 2018: Show Floor Roundup Part 1 CES 2018: ShowStoppers Press Event CES 2018:  Digital Experience  Press Event CES 2018: Post-Show Coverage CES 2017 Blog.
By Angie Kibiloski, January 13th, 2017   Well, .

This will be the last update on this CES Blog for the year

It was an awesome show, and you can read  all about  some of the cool products I discovered on the vast show floor in my wrap up article: CES 2017-Show Floor Wrap Up.
This is posting a few days later than I intended, but the week after a  trade show  is always crazy busy.
If you missed any of my coverage of the show, just scroll on down this Blog page and you’ll find links to all the other posts.
Enjoy reading, and check back on our main site in the upcoming weeks and months for more in-depth coverage as I  get products  into the office for review.

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By Angie Kibiloski, January 8th, 2017   We’re approaching the end of my CES 2017 coverage, but we still have a couple articles to go.

Tonight I’m posting all about the last Press party of the show

Click on that title and you can read about some of the products displayed during the 4 hour event.

Where the Press were treated to delicious catering and free drinks

along with great conversation and dazzling new gizmos and gadgets.
Return to Computer Times  Home Page      By Angie Kibiloski, January 6th, 2017   As promised.

Here’s a look at some of the products I found at my 2nd Wednesday night Press party

Digital Experience.
I think you’ll enjoy checking  these  out, and they cover a wider range of product types than the last party did, so you’ll get a bit of variety thrown in.
To tease tomorrow’s post for you.

It’ll cover exhibits from the last of the large Press events of the show

Be sure to check back here for that.
Return to Computer Times  Home Page      By Angie Kibiloski, January 5th, 2017   Last night I attended Discover Blue, the boutique showcase all about Bluetooth enabled devices,  sponsored  by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).
Check out my post on a handful of great  products  from the event: Discover Blue 2017.

I also attended the huge Press party

Digital Experience, which delivered a couple hundred companies’ booths to visit, and requires a very long post to do it justice.

This morning marks the official opening of CES

and the show floor beckons very soon, so come back later to read all about the highlights from the 2nd event of the night.
Return to Computer Times  Home Page      By Angie Kibiloski, December 29th.

2016   CES 2017 starts next week

running from Thursday, January 5th, through Sunday, January 8th.
I plan to bring you daily coverage from the show floor, .

As well as from several big Press events on the pre-show days

I’ll bring you news on exciting products, industry trends, and what it’s like to be part of the wonderful chaos of the largest consumer  technology  trade show in the world.

Stay tuned for CES posts starting the morning of Thursday the 5th

after my first two pre-show Press events, Digital Experience and Discover Blue, both happening Wednesday night.
This year’s CES promises to be bigger than ever before, so be sure to  come back  every day after that for a look at some exciting new tech!!.
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CES Coverage.


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