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ACG was my favorite magazine and I certainly will miss it

A Tribute to Armchair General Magazine           Posted  on Apr 16

2015 in                     A Tribute to Armchair General Magazine.
By Forrest E.
     Dear ACG, I am very sad to hear that your magazine has been dis continued .
I have been a  subscribe r since spring 2004.
In fact, I found your second issue on a stand in an airport.
That was before I first enlisted.

Most recently I began the Army’s Captains Career Course

One of our first assignments was a battle analysis using the  operations  process.
I found articles for almost each one of my classmates in one of your issues.
They were excellent  resources .
Students in the U.
Army’s Captains Career Course hold the issues of ‘ Armchair General ’ they used as a resource.
CPT Forrest E.
Neumann, author of  this article , is third from right.
Click to enlarge.
Please find the attached image of my class; each holding the issue they used as a source.

I’m holding the September 2007 issue with Field Marshal William Slim

as I had researched the battle of Imphal-Kohima.
Thank you for all the amazing articles and wealth of  knowledge  your magazine has provided over the years.
I am very  disappointed  that I won’t be receiving these in the mail anymore.
CPT Forrest E.
Neumann U.

Army                                9 Comments
4/17/2015                        I too am saddened by ACGs demise

I spoke to them on the phone and they said it was a very tough time for  print magazine s.
They switched my  subscription  to another of their magazines.
ACG was my favorite magazine and I certainly will miss it.
I understand they will continue in some way online.
I hope this is true.
Does this mean this website will be gone too.
I’m a bit confused.
Reply                                    ArmchairGeneral Editor                        The website is continuing.
Only the magazine was discontinued.
Reply                                          4/21/2015                        Whew….
Gil Fussell       4/29/2015                        Very sad news.

Indeed; I will miss looking in my mailbox for ACG and the varied articles

stories, and reviews…at least the website will be up but it’s not the same as holding it in my hands.
Good luck in the future guys….
pat jewett       6/30/2015                        I go overseas for 4 months….what?.
And I just renewed…armchair general rocked…too bad…it’ll be missed, I doubt the online content will be as good.
But I did look at the military history copy they sent…and frankly its not as good as armchair general… So I’ve canceled my account… Can’t believe there wasn’t enough interest…     Reply.
Donald Gilleo       9/1/2015                        I was very sorry to see end of Armchair General.
I particularly enjoyed the CDGs; that a magazine made you think instead of just more of ‘what happened’.
Crisis Report, Forgotten Histories, analysis of current events; I hope another maqgazine steps up with same content.

Bryan       9/5/2015                        I was very saddened about the end of ACG

I’d been reading since the third issue (backordering the first two).
It was a special day whenever I got a new one in Iraq.
I was presently surprised how much I enjoy their “Military History” magazine, fortunately.

Although if ACG were still around

I would’ve just subscribed to both.
Reply                                    Bryan       9/5/2015                        “Pleasantly,” darn autocorrect.
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