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The Jury has 1-2 minutes for questions

Program   2019-11-01T09:25:32+01:00           Back to Danish  Sound Day  frontpage  PROGRAM.
Hall     Registration &  Breakfast .
Buy Ticket       09.00-09.30.
Auditorium     Welcome.
Paul Tyler welcomes and  introduces  the program.
Then Søren Bech, Chairman of the Board, and Kristian Krämer, Network Manager, give an  introduction  to the new member-based structure of the future Danish Sound Network          09.30-10.15.
Keynote 1.
Auditorium     Liselotte Lyngsø, futurist & founding partner at Future  Navigator .
Spot  the Future  of Sound & Shape It   We all have a futurist inside of us.
What really matters is whether you can and will shape it.
Liselotte will start by looking at  the future  trends in sounds – those that will be driving markets and decisions soon.
She, will then help you develop the mindset of a futurist so that you can see the sound trends specific to your audience or  customers .
She will give you techniques so that you may see opportunities and creative solutions where others see problems and  challenge s.
It is about training your future muscles, practicing trend-spotting and translating your new-found knowledge into  perspective s that create direction and value.
In this session you will learn many new techniques and methods to become your own futurist.     Read More            10.15-10.45.
Auditorium     Start-Up Pitch Battles.
The selected start-ups to pitch are:   SOWA Sound.
Little Otter.
Synaesthesia – lyd og smag.
The concept:  Each start-up gets 5 minutes to pitch.
The Jury has 1-2 minutes for questions.

The Jury selects the winner   of the Danish Start-up Award 2019
The Start-Up Pitch Battle Jury is:  Rie Kold Pripsø

Sound Hub Denmark.
Michael Rohde Böwadt, Accelerace.
Claus Blaabjerg, Brüel & Kjær.

Read More            10.45-11.00

Hall     Coffee Break.
Coffee and networking          11.00-12.00.
Auditorium     Track 1 - Sound and Health.
The assumption that the environment is an essential part in recovery from disease has gained increasing attention among healthcare professionals.
Scientific findings showing that environmental sources, such as air quality, lightening, sound, music and architecture can improve recovery and well-being in clinical settings have led to new ways of thinking about the lay-out of health facilities.
Music intervention in particular have received extensive scientific interest.
The session will focus on state of the art research into how music can be used to improve health and general well-being.
Talks: “From brain research to clinical applications of music” by Kira Vibe Jespersen, Center for Music in the Brain, MSc., Ph.
D, Postdoctoral Researcher View presentation here…   “The greater picture of music, noise, sound and health with EVOTION” by Niels Pontoppidan, Eriksholm Research Centre, PhD, Research Area Manager, Augmented Hearing Science at Oticon View presentation here…   Read More        11.00-12.00.
Seminar room     Track 2 - AI & Sound.
AI, and not least Deep AI, are paving their way into sound applications and are changing the sound application landscape dramatically, including the products and solutions from sound-based companies.
Sound is becoming computing intensive.
Rather than just being able to offer high quality sound reproduction, Deep AI e.g.
offers the options of improving poor original sound almost beyond imagination or making other sophisticated uses of sound.
The session focusses on three interesting applications already in use or to enter use in a foreseeable future in Danish sound-based companies and will be presented by researchers and engineers already deeply involved in employing the AI techniques in emerging products and solutions for future markets.
Talks: “Augmented Hearing “Using a deep neural networks separation algorithm for improved speech segregation in hearing impaired listeners” by Lars Bramsløw, Eriksholm Research Center, M.
E, Ph.
D., Senior Scientist View presentation here… “Towards end-to-end Speech Enhancement with Neural Networks”.
by Clément Laroche, GN Audio A/S (Jabra), Audio Research, Senior Research Scientist View presentation here… “How machine learning could help to extract relevant information from acoustic and vibration data” by Karim Haddad, Brüel & Kjær Sound and Vibration, Research Engineer at the Innovation Group View presentation here…  Read More        12.00-13.00.
Hall     Lunch.
Lunch is served in the hall          13.00-13.30.
Keynote 2.
Auditorium     Kim G.
Hansen, Podcast and radioproducer at Radio 24syv, Board member of Center for Podcasting.
The importance of sound quality in next-generation podcasting We live in an age of audio.
At last count, there were 700,000 podcasts worldwide competing for our attention.
And the numbers of people listening are rising sharply.
What do podcast offer that we don’t find in other media.
It’s a democratic space, and new tech has allowed everyone to produce and publish.
But production value, and especially sound quality is important if you want to rise above this vast ocean of pods.
This talk will outline the many forms and concepts emerging now in podcasting.
And focus on why sound quality is crucial when you want to engage your listeners, and get them to keep listening.

Read More           13.30-14.00

Auditorium     Research Pitch Battle.
The selected researchers to pitch are:   Naim Mansour, DTU.
Poul Hoang, Oticon A/S and Aalborg University.
Franz M.
Heuchel, DTU.
The concept:  Each researcher gets 5 minutes to pitch.
The Jury has 1-2 minutes for questions.

The Jury selects the winner  of the Danish Start-up Award 2019
The Research Pitch Battle Jury is:  Joel Beilin

Global Audiology Consulting.
Dorte Hammershøi, Aalborg University.
Lars Bramsløw, Eriksholm Research Center.

Read More            14.00-14.30

Hall     Coffee Break.

More coffee and networking          14.30-15.30

Auditorium     Track 3 - Sound & Music Computing.
The Nordic Sound and Music Computing Network (NordicSMC) supported by Nordforsk brings together a group of internationally leading sound and music computing researchers from all five Nordic countries, from Aalborg University (AAU), Aalto University (AALTO), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), University of Iceland (UoI), and University of Oslo (UiO).
In this session we will present the activities of Nordic SMC and explain how Nordic SMC can collaborate with Danish Sound Network.
Talks: Introduction to Nordic SMC by Professor Stefania Serafin, Aalborg University Copenhagen View presentation here… Research in music perception and cognition by Associate professor Sofia Dahl,  Aalborg University Copenhagen View presentation here… Ph.
activities and young researchers’ training in Nordic SMC by Silvin Willemsen, Ph.
Student, .

Aalborg University Copenhagen View presentation here…  Read More        14.30-15.30
Seminar room     Track 4 - Noise

The WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region provide guidance on protecting human health from harmful exposure to environmental noise.
What does it really mean.
Talks: Noise annoyance and WHO’s new Noise Guidelines from October 2018 by Torben Holm Pedersen, SenseLab, Force Technology View presentation here….
Soundscapes by Christer P.
Volk, SenseLab, Force Technology View presentation here… How sounds of neighbors become noise by Sandra Lori Petersen, Postdoc, .

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen  Read More        15.30-15.45

Hall     Coffee Break.
Keynote 3.
Auditorium     Jarnail Chudge, Design and Innovation Architect at Microsoft AI + Research.
Adventures with Microsoft Soundscape Microsoft Soundscape uses 3D spatial audio to promote a person’s mobility and independence by enhancing their awareness of their surroundings by calling out landmarks and points of interest from where they actually are.
As such, Soundscape can be considered a map which is delivered in 3D sound to augment a person’s experience through audio.
Soundscape can function as your main wayfinding system, but it can also work in the background and provide you with effortless ambient awareness.
This provides a greater sense of empowerment and choice and allows each and every one of us to be able enjoy the outdoors with greater confidence and less stress.
This session will go into what Soundscape is and how it works, cover the lessons we have learnt since release and describe the various ways in which people are using it every day across a range of different activities.

Read More            16.30-16.45

Auditorium     Pitch Battle (ceremony).
It’s time to pick the winners of the two Pitch Battles.
Auditorium     Danish Sound Award & Danish Ambassador Award.
This year we have two different prizes: Danish Sound Award (Dansk Lydpris) and Danish Sound Ambassador.
The prizes are presented in a collaboration between Struer Lydens By and Danish Sound Network.
Danish Sound Award The Danish Sound Award is given to one or more who have reconsidered the use and understanding of sound, or have otherwise further developed and thus contributed to the maintenance of Denmark’s position as a leader in the audio domain.
We need your input finding the right candidate.
The recipient can be a company, artist, knowledge institution / researcher or something else that has led us to look at new ways of using sound – and / or which has done something very special to put sound on the international map.
Danish Sound Ambassador  The Danish Sound Ambassador award is given to a person who is not part of the danish sound industry, but use sound as a big part of his/her job or life.
The criteria is pretty simple: The winner has to be the perfect ambassador for sound and the danish sound industry.
The Danish Sound Ambassador award winner is selected by the Board of Danish Sound Network and we will announce the winner 2 weeks prior to Danish Sound Day.
Read More        17.15-17.30.
Auditorium     Round Off.
Paul Tyler rounds off the day before the drinks are served in the lobby.
Hall     Drinks & networking.


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