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People are often confused with the term “Digital Marketing”

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0   1       By Kaylin Strydom   Mobile Apps   Uncategorised          14 Jul: Why your church should have a mobile app.
Churches are all about people  gathering , sharing and communicating – whether it be delivering sermons, ministry or making house visits….
Read More                        0   1       By Kaylin Strydom    Mobile Apps   Uncategorised         04 Jun: Our MCommerce App Solution.
M-Commerce is used to describe mobile e-commerce – this is a subset of e-Commerce; a model where firms or individuals…                     Read More                         0   1       By Kaylin Strydom   Uncategorised  Website Development         23 Mar: User Experience and Website Development.
User  experience  is one of the most important elements when it comes to your website.
Have you ever visited a…                     Read More                         0   1       By Kaylin Strydom   Educational  Marketing         04 Mar: What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
What is a  revolution .
The word “revolution” is defined as a dramatic and wide-reaching change in  conditions , attitudes, or operation….
Read More                        5   7       By Kaylin Strydom    Marketing          27 Feb: What is digital marketing and why does it matter.
People are often confused with the term “Digital  Marketing ”.
Some think it’s posting to Facebook and Instagram 2 times a…                    Read More              1  2 …  4                                                                                                           Leave this field empty if you’re human:.


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