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Leading the Way With Technology July 2

Current Issue In Print Leadership The Leading Ladies

September 1, 2020   Share.
Women leaders share a glimpse of what it’s like to be a mover and shaker in the industry.
Michele Wong, the COO of Active Wellness.
What is the biggest  challenge  facing leaders today.
MW: In 2020, we’ve not only been dealing with a  global pandemic , but also a social crisis that has severely impacted our industry.
As leaders we need to  be prepared  to navigate conflict quickly and make sure our employees on the front lines are prepared to do the same.
Technical training is necessary, but  situation al training is crucial, especially in a service-oriented business that is dependent on a positive experience. What accomplishment are you most proud of?MW: I am recently most proud of the acknowledgement I received from my oldest daughter on the day of her high school graduation this past June.
In a very heartfelt letter, she wrote, “Mom, above everyone else in  the world  — no offense Dad — I look up to you the most.
You are my inspiration, my role model and my hero.” I believe for most of us how we guide and lead at home or at work isn’t much  different ; my team and my kids can attest to that.
I hope the leader I have been for my daughter is the same caliber of leader I can be for  the people  in our industry.
What trends are you seeing in  the health  club industry.
MW: We are continuing to identify models that can put fitness  profession als at the center of the medical-fitness-wellness continuum.
Building partnerships with  healthcare  professionals is where an integrative and holistic approach to health emerges, and has the opportunity to reach the 75 to 80% of the market who hasn’t previously been a club member.
Our facilities with strong healthcare connections have been viewed by our members as safer spaces and reliable resources for trusted wellness content during the current health crisis. Andrea Gonzales, the area manager of Gold’s Gym El Paso.
What is one characteristic you believe every leader should possess.
AG: All great leaders lead by example.
When you demonstrate your work to the team, you not only show them the way, you also show your commitment and earn their respect at the same time.
What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today.
AG: Currently, due to the pandemic, the biggest challenge is overcoming resistance to change and implementing new guidelines and rules.
As leaders, we must show we will be the best example so others will follow our lead.
What accomplishment are you most proud of? AG: I am very proud of the fact we have very little turnover with our staff, including our front desk.
A couple keys to employee longevity at our clubs is the fact we all work together as a team.
Additionally we recognize and praise employees for excelling in their roles.
We have several team members who have been with us since we opened five years ago.
What trends are you seeing in the health club industry.
The latest trend in the health club industry is to have the latest technology.
Everyone now has the newest heart rate monitor or fitness tracker.

We recently received Myzone belts

We are extremely excited to implement them in our facility.
We have some of our personal trainers trying out the belts so we can get their feedback.
They will be ready to push it and get all of their clients in on the friendly competition.
I think it is a good idea to implement this type of technology inside your gyms.
Mary Thomas, .

The owner of Western Racquet & Fitness Club

What is one characteristic you believe every leader should possess.
MT: Empathy.
The best way to get things accomplished and meaningfully connect with people in your professional and personal life will always be practicing empathy.
Empathy allows me to figure out how best to take care of the people who work for me and the people I serve in my business on a deeply personal level.
We’re all deserving of compassion, even in the workplace.
What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?MT: Besides the obvious issues and challenges COVID-19 has brought to businesses, I think navigating the many viewpoints everyone is bringing to the table has been incredibly challenging.
Every person coming in to work right now is bringing a personal worldview that’s been shaken and changed over the last few months.
The challenge comes in finding common ground with each other again and working to bring everyone into a more positive headspace as we adjust to this new normal together.
What trends are you seeing in the health club industry.
MT: First and foremost, amped up safety and sanitization measures are now an absolute given.
If keeping your facility visibly safe and clean isn’t your No.
1 priority right now, you will lose the trust of your members.
We’ve also seen a surge of requests for virtual content and have had to adapt.

Many of our members aren’t ready to come back yet

but they still want to get the same programming and connection they used to have.
We’ve been a primarily brick-and-mortar operation for 45 years, so shifting into virtual programming so we can still take care of people across all areas of their fitness and wellness journeys has been challenging, but absolutely necessary.
Stephanie Coulon, .

The membership and marketing manager of Stone Creek Club & Spa

What is one characteristic you believe every leader should possess.
SC: Empathy.
Leaders have to be able to put themselves in others’ shoes to see the complete picture in any situation.
As a result, they can provide better service to members, enjoy a deeper relationship with their employees and earn respect from peers.

What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?SC: Balance

We are pulled in more directions than ever before, and the environment we’re working in is changing daily.
It’s difficult to balance the immediate needs of our members and employees, the short-term and long-term recovery of our businesses, and strategic planning to build our businesses for long-term success, all while juggling the responsibilities we carry outside of our work environments.
What accomplishment are you most proud of?SC: I’m very proud to have been chosen to help bring the vision of Stone Creek Club & Spa to life.
Building a club from the ground up and creating such a uniquely special place has been an incredible experience.
What trends are you seeing in the health club industry.
SC: I’m hoping recent events will help the industry catapult the message that exercise is medicine.
The many benefits — physical, mental and emotional — of regular exercise are so well-documented, yet our clubs are not considered “essential” businesses.
I hope as industry leaders we can correct that misperception and educate the public, as well as our governmental leaders, to create lasting change.
Maria Gonzalez, .

The CEO of ClubFitness Greensboro

What is one characteristic you believe every leader should possess.
MG: A characteristic today’s leader should possess is inclusiveness.
An inclusive leader constructs a diverse team, provides an equitable culture, and builds a healthy working environment that embraces different perspectives and values diversity.
What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today.
MG: The biggest challenge facing leaders today is the current public health and economic crisis.
The pandemic has challenged leaders to navigate uncharted waters.
Issues such as dealing with a temporary or permanent closure of a business, handling staff who have been laid off, losing revenue and restructuring the way we service our clients have forced us to pivot.
What accomplishment are you most proud of.
MG: The accomplishment I’m most proud of is taking a leap into the unknown as a young adult.
I moved from Colombia to the U.
when I was 20 years old with one suitcase full of dreams and fears.
I left everything behind — my family, my friends, my culture, my language and everything I had known.
That experience, although difficult, helped me become the person and leader I am today.
What trends are you seeing in the health club industry.

MG: Many of the trends we are starting to see today are a direct response to COVID-19

The crisis has given us the opportunity to reevaluate our current offerings and begin to delve into everything virtual.

Many clubs have shifted to providing virtual fitness classes

virtual personal training sessions and streaming live classes, as well as creating outdoor spaces for fitness offerings.
These trends will become an integral part of the fitness industry’s offerings due to demands from consumers.
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Taylor BrownTaylor Brown is a staff writer for Club Solutions Magazine

She can be reached at [email protected]
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