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As the NDT industry is embracing the technology advancement

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Founder – Director Shaik Khaja Mohiuddin
A Committed Team with World Class Solution
NDT industry is continuously evolving and embracing new advanced technologies

This demands technologically suitable person with expertise in  materials , electronics and software.

Finding such a versatile person has been a major challenge for the NDT industries

ALTAIR (Altair Engineering Inspections) is continuously working towards the training of the personnel in the advanced NDT field with main focus on industry  application .
At ALTAIR, our emphasis is well balanced between theory and practical  application .
We offer the training through  experienced  and qualified trainers along with the state of art laboratories.
ALTAIR is also working towards the  development  of NDT application using advanced technology.
As the NDT industry is embracing the  technology  advancement, there is a considerable gap between the technique competence and application.
This needs a logical & creative approach in application which exploits the  technology  to get the desired results.
To reduce the human dependence, the technique should enhance the  automation .

ALTAIR is exactly working around this and developed techniques for exotic materials

Duplex Stainless Steel, Dissimilar welds and components.
To reduce the human errors and turnaround time, .

ALTAIR is working towards the analysis software

We have the capability of developing automation of inspection, specialized wedges and specialized specimen blocks meeting the customer  requirements .
We are involved in the industries in Oil and Gas, Offshore, Petrochemical, Refinery, Ship building and others, .

Where NDT is primary method for assuring the product integrity

We emphasize on Quality Service and turnaround time to achieve the excellent customer satisfaction.

Director Sirajul Hameed Masroor

In Non Destructive Testing (NDT) there are many challenges in conducting the test like different materials, difficult geometries, and inaccessibility to conduct the job, high temperatures etc.
Our team is working continuously to overcome the challenges by having a dedicated development team to provide solutions to our customers’ problems in an efficient and effective way.
ALTAIR specializes in the Advanced NDT methods field of Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) and Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD) in We envision being a part in creating safer world by improving the reliability of product through our high quality output in everything we do.
These methods are adapted by the industry globally to replace Radiographic Testing (RT) to avoid unnecessary radiation hazard and to cut down the production time.
We are committed to its Training in different NDT methods where experienced trainers with different backgrounds not only train the students in fundamentals but much beyond which will help in their successful careers.
Our greatest asset is our people which is why we continually encourage and support professional NDT career growth in our company.
We have established training programs which are aimed at developing your technical skills.

We value NDT talents and emphasize on career development journey with our company

I am privileged to be a part of ALTAIR team whose ultimate goal is customer satisfaction by providing quality services and look forward to growth and success in the future.
Altair Engineering Inspections Pte Ltd is one of the leading providers of high end consulting, .

Training and inspection solutions in conventional and advanced NDT applications
Altair Engineering Inspections Pte Ltd 18 Boon Lay Way

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