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Ship Design and Research Centre


Number of members working with Design
Listed below are all of our members working primarily with Design


Web:                                                          Aluflam A/S
Website                                                         Armacell

Web:                                                         Aviation  Enterprises  Ltd.

Website                                                         Barrier Group

Web:                                                                        CCG.
Composites  Consulting  Group (CCG) is an independent Diab Group company providing specialty composite technology services.
With a broad competence including everything from design and engineering to testing, tooling, process  optimization  and training, we ensure that you can realize the full value of composite designs.

Website                                                                       C Marine

Website                                                         Com&Sens.
Com&Sens (Composites&Sensing) is expert in Fiber Optic Sensing technology providing condition-based structural health monitoring data. Our robust fibre optic sensors allow real-time monitoring in harsh  environments  (marine) of steel or composites structures.
Besides online integrity monitoring of assets, our sensing  technology  permits to validate finite elements modeling of prototypes with accurate data.
CTO, Sh ip Design  and Research Centre.
Web:                                                                        Deltamarin Ltd.

Web:                                                          Fassmer GmbH & Co

Fassmer is a successful, family-owned company in its fifth  generation .
The company achieves success on an  international  scale and currently employs approx.
1200 staff worldwide in six business sectors: Wind Power, Shipbuilding, Lifeboats, Deck Equipment, Composite  Technology  and Service.  Thanks to our skilled and motivated employees, our experienced research and design department, modern production facilities and a worldwide service network, we can guarantee our costumers competence of the highest order.
Our company enjoys an excellent reputation for the outstanding quality of its  products and services .  Website                                                         FiReCo.
Finnester Coatings Oy.
Flow ship design d.o.o.

Flow Ship Design is an independent ship design company

located in Pula, Croatia.
Our goal is to deliver innovative design and engineering solutions  which provide higher performance and more value for our customers.
Our specialization covers a large range of vessels, including all the phases of the ship design process as well as Research and Development.
Website                                                                                                             FKAB Marine Design.
Hansen Engineering and Consulting.
HF Interior Sweden AB.
InfraCore Company.
Kockum Sonics.
KVE Composites Group.
Lightness by Design.

Designs and manufactures complex and large tool sets to form

mold, assemble and inspect composite, thermoplastic and metallic parts.
Its main clients are in the commercial aerospace, automotive, defense and renewable energy sectors.
Loiretech is strongly involved in French and European innovation research projects and invests annually 7% of the company’s turnover in R&D activities.
In 2018 Loiretech is remodeling its operations, launching the “2020 convergence” project which will see the merge of its two historic Mauves and Malville manufacturing sites into a brand new 8,000 m² site located in Bouguenais.

Website                                                                       LZS GmbH

LZS GmbH is one of the leading development partners in the field of “Function-integrative lightweight system construction in multi-material design” in Germany.
For modern component and system development, we consistently offer the entire range of services: from feasibility analysis to design, characterisation, structure and process simulation, manufacturing and component testing.
Cross-industry product development is accompanied by certified quality management.
Website                                                                       Marshall Aerospace & Defence Group.
MCT Brattberg.
MECA is an engineering and design office with multidisciplinary skills, such as; Lightweight structures, composite materials mechanical design. Design of multi-material parts from concept to industrialization. Hydraulics expertise and C.
D. Expertise and technical advices for suitability of industrial facilities.
Website                                                                       MJM Interior Build.
NKH Yacht.
Optima Projects Ltd.
PE Composites Limited.
Prometheus developments.
PSM Instrumentation.
Ship Design Group.

Ship Design and Research Centre; Environmental Laboratories Division

Sigmatex is the world’s leading independent converter of carbon fibre.
From global locations, Sigmatex develops and manufactures carbon fibre for composite material applications.
Sigmatex supplies woven carbon fibre textiles including 3D, spread tow, Innegra, recycled, unidirectional, multiaxial, and 2D woven solutions across a broad spread of industries, ranging from the world’s top supercar manufacturers to high performance leisure brands and most of the world’s major aerospace companies.
E.-FEM GmbH.
Our mission is to assist our clients and partners in finding the most suitable design for their individual application.
Using Finite Element (FEM) simulations, we assess the structural strength, dynamic behavior and fatigue durability.
With our experience of more than 10 years, we can assist our clients in reducing the structural weight of their product by using composite materials, structural and functional optimization or by applying new production methods like 3D printing.

Website                                                         TBS Yard AB

Website                                                                       Tillberg Design.
Wizz Consultancy Limited.
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