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I’m a bit reluctant to add asmolgam to Facebook

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August 7, 2013 · 7:09 pm.
I am  currently  watching the performance of , updating , and developing fruHarvest.
A couple of words  about  each project.
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Search for the best chemistry-related words brought an interesting  discovery .
There are still a lot of words with a high user traffic and relatively few apps  associate d with them.
I noticed it  accidental ly for several Greek letters and an idea of a quiz about Greek alphabet came into my mind.
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Thinking about quizzes and recycling What Color is This Monster?

I came up with an idea of tests about the biologically important class of chemicals, amino acids.
I always was reluctant and skeptical  about  chemistry apps.
They cannot be  blockbuster  hits.
There are maybe thousands rather than millions of users who can  potential  download these apps.
Moreover, I wanted to show that I can do  something  outside my field of expertise.
The fact that I was trained as a chemist doesn’t  automatic ally mean that all I’m working on has to deal with chemistry.
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Yesterday, when I added the post to a developer blog, .

I noticed that WP allows you automatically share it on Twitter

When I registered asmolgam.com, I also signed for.
Now they are connected.
I’m not sure how effective twittering is for game marketing but let it be: I don’t have to feed it thrice a day.
I suspect that nobody reads game-oriented blogs, or twitter, or fb (unless you published a blockbuster).
I’m a bit reluctant to add asmolgam to Facebook.
This guy’s design scares me.
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Today I registered asmolgam.com.
This site will be a main link for all my apps and games.
Besides the developer blog, I plan to review some simple free games about which nobody else is writing.
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Русская версия этого сайта.
on Melisa on  on.
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