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Sims 3 Mac players – I need your help!

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Published on    by                   Update  27 August – MaxisJoe has  confirming they are still working on it.

MaxisJoe has  in the ongoing thread in the Sims 3 Mac forum at Answers HQ:

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Published on July 24, 2018April 26, 2020   by   245  Comments                The graphics card issue is still grating away at me.
I’m not affected by it and I don’t play Sims 3 anymore but it’s still irritating me because so many users are affected.
I’ve always flirted with the idea of editing the .sgr files myself and  uploading  them but not having an affected Mac makes testing a little difficult.
So, .

This is where you lovely Mac users come in

I need people willing to test the files for me, to download and put them in their game folders and see if we can get all of those pesky Intel chips finally recognised in the game.
This is a (hopeful) graphics fix only.
If you are getting Found:1 Matched:1 and still  encounter ing errors you need to read my Sims 3 help page for more help.
If you have Late Night/Ambitions/Fast Lane/Outdoor Living installed you need to carry out  additional  fixes – getting the packs to show up in the Launcher and adding the relevant folders to the game files.
Jump to: Description of problem and how it is solved  Information  needed Files ready for downloading and testing Files confirmed as successful in launching the game  Description of problem and how it is solved: Macs with AMD graphics cards are not affected as badly, this is the only type of card that throws up the unrecognised video card error in the game but will play anyway.

Unsupported Intel chips just point blank refuse to load

as do some NVIDIA GPUs.
As a test I played around with adding lines to the GraphicsCards.sgr and GraphicsRules.sgr files for the AMD GPU in my current 2017 15″ Touch Bar  MacBook Pro .

It has an integrated Intel 630 chip and a discrete/dedicated AMD Radeon Pro 560

the game uses the AMD so we can safely ignore the Intel.
After testing a couple of  different  lines the following text was recognised by the game and we finally had a recognised card.
For the GraphicsCards.sgr file: card 0x67ef " AMD Radeon  Pro 560" For the GraphicsRules.sgr file: match("${cardName}", "*Pro 560*") Checking the DeviceConfig.log file confirms that the game has found and matched the card:  The graphics in my game really pop now.
I added the card to the Uber  settings as it has 4Gb VRAM so can happily handle super high settings.

Information needed: If you’d like to help yourself and fellow Mac users

miserable at not being able to play their game properly, PLEASE let me know.
Leave a comment on here, contact me on Facebook or on Twitter.
I will need the following information from you though, .

In full:  Exact model of your Mac
You can find this by clicking on the Apple in the menu bar then About This Mac

Please provide everything shown here:  You may not think all that detail is important – it is!.
Device ID – Click on System Report > Graphics/Displays and look for the Device ID:.
If you have a 15″ MacBook Pro with an additional NVIDIA or AMD graphics card please provide the Device ID of that card together with the VRAM figure.

I’m confident that I already have the correct Device IDs for all unsupported Macs

giving me this information is just for verification.

It also helps determine the graphics level your Mac is capable of

Files ready for downloading and testing: If your Mac has the listed graphics below please feel free to download and copy and paste the text from the files I have already uploaded.
I have included a readme file in the download with full instructions on what to do, please read it.
You must edit your GraphicsCards.sgr AND GraphicsRules.sgr files, not just one of them.
These files have not been confirmed as 100% accurate yet, they are for testing, PLEASE comment below if they worked or not.
Once I have confirmation that the files work and the game loads successfully, yielding both a Found and Matched positive result, I will post in a separate list.
AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2GB AMD Radeon Pro M380 2GB AMD Radeon R9 M390 AMD Radeon Pro 555 2GB AMD Radeon Pro 570 4GB Intel Iris Graphics 540 Intel Iris Graphics 550 Intel HD 515 Intel HD 5300 Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645 Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 Files confirmed as successful in launching the game: You can download the files below and add the details to your game, they have been confirmed as working.
Instructions are included in the download: AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4GB AMD Radeon Pro 560 4GB Intel HD 6000 Intel Iris 5100 Intel Iris Graphics 6100 Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200 Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650  Intel UHD Graphics 617 20/08/2018 To all those who have posted back with their Found and Matched values….
thank you so, so much.

You’re helping others and making the Mac Sims community a better place ❤

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The Sims 3 University Life ‘Not Yet Released’ according to Origin

Published on November 24, .

2015   by   7 Comments               Another issue that’s cropped up for Mac users

When trying to download and install University Life they are being notified that the EP has not yet been released.
This seems to be related to specific product codes when purchased through Origin.
If you are experiencing this please contact EA customer support  to request a replacement code or wait for EA to hopefully release a fix through Origin.
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