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current NSX design include deploying 2 NSX managers

VVDs, Project Ice, .

VRNI & NSX – Summary Of My Breakout Sessions From Day 1 at VMworld 2016 US –

VVDs, Project Ice, vRNI & NSX – Summary Of My  Breakout Session s From Day 1 at VMworld 2016 US –.
VVDs, Project Ice, vRNI & NSX – Summary Of My  Breakout Session s From Day 1 at VMworld 2016 US –.
August 30, 2016        Leave a comment                 Quick post to summerise the sessions I’ve  attend ed on day 1 at @VMworld 2016 and few interesting things I’ve noted.
First up are the 3 sessions I had planned to attend + the  additional  session I managed to walk in to.

Breakout Session 1 – Software Defined Networking in VMware validated Designs

Session ID: SDDC7578R.
Presenter: Mike Brown – SDDC  Integration  Architect (VMware).
This was a quick look at the VMware  Validated  Designs (VVD) in general and the NSX design elements within the SDDC stack design in the VVD.
If you are new to VVD’s and are typically involved in designing any  solutions  using the VMware software stack, it is genuinely worth reading up on and should try to replicate the same design principles (within your solution design constraints) where possible.
The diea being this will enable customers to deploy robust  solutions  that have been pre-validated by experts at VMware in order to ensure the ighest level of cross solution integrity for maximum availability and agility required for a private cloud deployment.
Based on typical VMware PSO  best practices , the design guide (Ref architecture doc) list out each design decision applicable to each of the solution components along with the justification for that decision (through an explanation) as well as the implication of that design decision.
An example is given below  I first found out  about  the VVDs during last VMworld in 2015 and mentioned in my VMworld 2015 blog post here.
At the time, despite the annoucement of availability, not much content were actually avaialble as design documents but its now come a long way.
The current set of VVD documents discuss every design, planning, deployment and operational aspect of the following VMware products & versions, integrated as a single solution stack based on VMware PSO best practises.
It is based on a multi site (2 sites) production solution that customers can replicate in order to build similar private cloud solutions in their environments.
These documentation set fill a great big hole that VMware have had for a long time in that, while their product documentation cover the design and deployment detail for individual products, no such documentaiton were available for when integrating multiple products and with VVD’s, they do now.
In a way they are similar to CVD documents (Cisco Validated Designs) that have been in use for the likes of FlexPod for VMware…etc.
VVD’s generally cover the entire solution in the following 4 stages.
Note that not all the content are fully available yet but the key design documents (Ref Architecture docs) are available now to download.
Reference Architecture guide  Architecture Overview.
Detailed Design.
Planning and preperation guide.
Deployment Guide  Deployment guide for region A (primary site) is now available.
Operation Guide  Monitoring and alerting guide.
backup and restore guide.
Operation verification guide.
If you want to find out more about VVDs, I’d have a look at the following links.
Just keep in mind that the current VVD documents are based on a fairly large, no cost barred type of design and for those of you who are looking at much smaller deployments, you will need to exercise caution and common sense to adopt some of the recommended design decisions to be within the appplicable cost constraints (for example, current NSX design include deploying 2 NSX managers, 1 integrated with the management cluster vCenter and the other with the compute cluster vCenter, meaning you need NSX licenses on the management clutser too. This may be an over kill for most as typically, for most deployments, you’d only deploy a single NSX manager integrated to the compute cluster)  Home page: http://www.vmware.com/solutions/software-defined-datacenter/validated-designs.html.

VVD Download page: https://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/vmware-validated-design-pubs.html

As for the Vmworld session itself, the presenter went over all the NSX related design decisions and explained them which was a bit of a waste of time for me as most people would be able to read the document and understand most of those themselves.
As a result I decided the leave the session early, but have downloaded the VVD documents in order to read throughly at leisure.


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