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Request A Demo Event Engagement

Industry-first chatbot for event apps.
Conversational  interface  for easy access of app features.
Ask  Questions , schedule meetings, get directions & much more.
Intuitive menus and  proactive  alerts to offer timely updates.
Multi-channel support - text messaging, FB  Messenger , web and the in-app platform.

Voice support using Amazon Alexa for customized attendee experience

Re quest  A Demo.
Attendee  Discovery .

Finding Attendees and Setting up Meetings
E2m Event Chatbot helps attendees search for potential prospects by interests

company and names.
Use the in-app  scheduler  to directly set-up meetings.
Smart Search for Attendees & Exhibitors   Save time and accelerate  networking  by using the smart filters to search for prospects based on interests, company etc.
Initiate In-App  Messaging    Directly connect with other attendees and speakers via the in-app messenger.
It is secured and you can manage your  privacy  settings.

Manage Meetings   Sync your Google calendar to get meeting invites and updates

Manage your meetings right from the app by simply asking the chatbot to do so.
Session Engagement.
Helping organizers create meaningful attendee engagement.
With the event chatbot, creating meaningful engagement at events is easier than ever before.
With proactive triggers, attendees can easily use the in-built audience response solutions.

Polling   Participate in live polls and contests at the event to make your opinion

Live Q&A       Live Q&A    It helps reinforce two-way conversation between different stakeholders at events      Surveys   Provides important insights to organizers about the most loved sessions, etc.

Request A Demo          Event Helpdesk
Helping Attendees like an event concierge
Attendees get real-time response to common queries at events

Using the event chatbot calls for minimum or no human intervention.
What’s happening where.
Get instant responses to all common event related queries.
No more waiting time.
Searchable Event Agenda   Pre-fed session details and other information allows attendees to save crucial time.
Searchable FAQs   Intuitive menus and quick responses to let attendees search information without hassles.
Request A Demo                Event Engagement.

Helping Attendees find event photos and resources

The interactive in-app photo sharing page makes the event fun for all.
Attendees can quickly look up the most popular photos and other resources on the chatbot itself.
Share Photos where.
Allows event attendees to share photos easily      Video Center    Find all event videos in a flash with a simple conversational command.

Resource Center   All event resources

including presentations, pdfs and more, accessible directly and easily.

Request A Demo                Multiple Channels

The event chatbot changes attendee experience completely by providing  multiple channels to access event information          Case Study.
The event chatbot powered the first ever comic con chatbot  at one of America’s premium expos.
The chatbot was deployed on the official event website and Facebook page to help attendees with information on all comic-con related topics, including guests, photo ops, signings, timings, policies, ticket dispatch status and much more.
Chatbot Analytics.
With more than 32K unique queries  from more than 3.6K unique users , the event chatbot was a trusted event concierge that never took a break.
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction.
Queries on Tickets & Badges.
Popular User Questions.
The bot ‘talked’  like any human would, responding to queries and helping attendees get prompt answers.
New York.
22 Cortlandt Street, Suite 1635 New York, NY 10007, USA           London.
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