Video #8: LADD Audio Loops Introduction: in this video

LADD Videos.
LADD ( LA Drama Drums ).
Note: To watch the videos in full-screen mode, click on the “full-screen” icon on the lower-right of each video.
Video #1: This is a “LADD Sneak-Peak” video that introduce s you to the most basic features of LADD and uses only sounds included in LADD.

LADD is a complete single-strike sample library as well as a complete audio loops library

It’s like having 2 libraries in one!.
Video #2: A trailer type cue called “100 Percent LADD ” features LADD straight out of the box.
No outside compression , EQ, reverb or processing of any kind.

Everything you hear is 100% LADD through a stereo output in Kontakt

This is a good example of a trailer-type percussion bed.
Video #3: LADD seamlessly blends traditional and modern percussion into one robust tool.
This demo starts off with an example of traditional through-composed percussion… then shows how far you can take things in a matter of seconds using just the KeyFX presets.
Video #4: “LADD’s Main Page – Feature By Feature” video goes over all of LADD’s “main page features” with the use of a dozen musical examples.

All musical examples are exclusively LADD with no external processing of any kind

Video #5: LADD’s Sequencer Page – Intro: in this video

we introduce you to many of the LADD Sequencer’s features.
While this video goes into some detail, there will be other “advanced” videos to follow.

Video #6: LADD’s Tuner Page – Feature by Feature: in this video

we go over the LADD Tuner’s features.
Each note can be independent ly tuned and randomly re-tuned beyond that… for very compelling sounds and otherworldly sounds.

Video #7: LADD’s KeyFX Setup – Feature by Feature: in this video

we we explain the control-center of LADD’s KeyFX: The KeyFX Setup page.
This is where you can mix and combine all the major components of LADD’s engine and assign the functionality to simple key switches.
Video #8: LADD Audio Loops Introduction : in this video, we introduce you to the LADD Audio Loops content comprised of original dramatic live performances and 11 additional mix-stems designed to be played alone or layered phase accurately.
An exciting and unique approach only available in LADD.

Video #9: Introduction the the LADD Mixer: in this video

we introduce you to the LADD Mixer – one of the most advanced features of LADD.
We go over the basics of each control and will have “advanced concepts” videos to follow.
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