Tag: The Sims 4

Tag: The Sims 4.
Published on by If you haven’t come across this amazing Mod yet and want to butcher EA’s apartment buildings,.

If you want to know where you can find any of the CC items I’ve used

just ask ????.
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Published on March 15, 2018August 9, 2018 by 1 Comment This problem has been around for a while and affected some Mac users but not all.
Symptom When you play your game the screen will flicker and changing certain graphics options in-game doesn’t fix it.

Cause Edge Smoothing settings in the Graphics Options in-game

Solution Play around with the Edge Smoothing settings in the Graphics Options menu

Try turning it off if you have it on or lowering it if you have it on high.
Also try raising it if you have it on low.
Thanks to the wonderful people who have confirmed the issue and solution over on this thread at AHQ.
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Published on November 11, .

2017 by 4 Comments I’d love to be able to have one more cuddle

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