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/ / 4:22 pm Tue Sep 8, 2020 If you need a super-thin lead pencil to make maps for your 1980s dungeon crawler videogames, this one will do.
I have a few different mechanical pencils.
The ones I commonly use have lead thicknesses of 0.7mm and 0.5mm, both of which are fine for everyday notetaking.
But when my daughter and I fire up the DOSBOX DOS emulator on my Macbook Pro to play Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord (1981) only one pencil will do to make the 20 x 20 maps of the 10 level maze.
It”s the Pentel Orenz, with a hair-thin 0.2mm lead.
There”s no better way to draw one-way hidden doors, elevators, rotating rooms, and low-level summoning circles in the tiny squares of a sheet of graph paper than with this worthy scrivening tool.
By the way.

If you”d like to download the blank Wizardry map sheet I designed

here you go.

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GET THE BOING BOING NEWSLETTER Inexpensive but good broad-beam LED headlamp.

I have a few different LED headlamps

but this one is by far my favorite.

It features a band of LEDs that throw light in a wide area in front of you

It lights up the entire area around you, .

As opposed to LED headlamps that illuminate just a spot

It uses 3 AAA batteries and […] READ THE REST.
Great clippers for thick toenails.
I hope your toenails aren”t 15 millimeters thick, but if they are, these clippers will accommodate them.

They have tons of leverage and reviewers on Amazon love them

The price is good, too.

These reversible Micro USB cables eliminate frustration

When Tod Kurt of ThingM recommended these reversible Micro USB cables

I bought a 3-pack.
They work.
Both the USB A plug and the micro plug can be inserted without regard to the orientation, like a USB C plug.
There is no “right side up.” I bought another 3-pack.

Why aren”t all USB cables made […] READ THE REST

This car mount provides wireless charging to keep you on course during all your trips.
In the U.
S., 32 states currently have either restrictions or an outright ban on driving with a smartphone in your hand.
Whether you”re talking, texting or looking up directions, using your phone while you drive is distracted driving — and no matter how skilled you are, .

It can lead to lapses or even a tragic […] READ THE REST

The Adobe Creative Cloud is the center of the creative universe and this training can help you master it.
When you”re the king, someone is always coming for your crown.
Nowhere is that more true than in the tech sector, where a perennial favorite like Adobe and their insanely popular Creative Cloud app suite have to keep innovating to stay on top of the digital media creation software game.

Keeping abreast of changes and […] READ THE REST

Save 30% on the world”s first modular flashlight kit.
Everyday carry items have to clear new hurdles these days.
Because while the number of items we might like to have with us at all times keeps growing, we still only have two hands.
And bags start getting pretty darn heavy.
To make the cut now, .

An item usually has to serve a few distinct […] READ THE REST

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