Organize Your Maker Life With

by | | | Karotte, from Carrot Industries, figured out a way to capture data from EnergyTrace capable Launchpads like the MSP430FR4133 kit, witout using Code Composer Studio.
The “official” way to make use of this feature is TI’s “Code Composer.
Organize Your Maker Life With
By | Dec 7, 2015 |.

| 0 comments is a new service by Jan Rychter

that aims at keeping track and managing your parts in your inventory or workbench.
You can do quick searches, link datasheets and add notes to parts.
There is also a planned social layer which allows users to request and.

Beyond N-8-1 – Implementing UART Parity In Energia

by | Nov 11, 2015 | , | 0 comments Rick posted a patch for parity support in the latest revision(11/11/2015) of Energia.

The patch currently only works for the MSP430G2553

I was trying to port a sketch that used the Serial port with non standard UART parity and character length to Energia.
I noticed.

Https:// Getting Started With The SensorTag Debug Devpack

By | Nov 9.

2015 | | 0 comments Youtube member

pitface123, runs through setting up the CC2650 SensorTag with the Debug DevPack from TI.
SensorTag Community Forum Link   SensorTag CC2650STK Tool Link Buy Link(CC2650STK) – $29.00 User Guide Link.
Debug Devpack Tool Link Buy.

A Warning On JTAG Debugging And The SensorTag Flash Chip

by | Aug 18, 2015 | | 1 comment The revised version of the SensorTag is pretty impressive packing a total of 10 sensors in its tiny form factor.
The tag also comes with a flash chip for an application developer to store all the data that is collected.
Unfortunately, if the flash chip is used, a user.

Browse 45 Years Of Popular Science Issues For Free

by | Aug 7, 2015 | , | 2 comments I just came across this sweet post over at /r/electronics, linking to American Radio History’s archive of Popular Electronics magazine – all 45 years of it in crisp 300dpi pdfs.
Not to mention the magazines are OCR’ed and searchable.
April of 1985.
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