Installing Google Chrome may[…] Read more Google Stadia

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Keyword Researcher.

A free software application to discover Long Tail Keywords

April 24, 2020 , SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization, is the set of strategies and practices aimed at increasing the visibility of a website by improving its position in the search engine rankings, in non-paid results pure and organic results.
These practices are manifold and concern different aspects of a website: optimization of the site structure, HTML code, textual content, .

Management of incoming links[…] Read more Setting up STADIA with the 4K Chromecast ULTRA

March 30, 2020 , Play when you want, where you want with Stadia.

The slogan is real and Stadia is really a game-changer in the videogaming world

If you don’t know it, Stadia is Google’s cloud-based gaming platform that lets you play your favorite hit video games across screens instantly.
In this video, we went through the process of the set-up of Stadia with[…] Read more How to install the latest Google Chrome on openSUSE Linux.
December 24, 2019 , , If you work with your PC, .

Willy-nilly it will happen that time you need to use Google Chrome

Based on the Chromium opensource project, .

Google Chrome is the browser of reference and the most popular currently

It doesn’t matter if you are using Linux

macOS or Windows, the browser par excellence remains the same: Google Chrome.
Installing Google Chrome may[…] Read more Google Stadia.

A wonderful gaming experience on Linux

November 21, 2019 , Google Stadia.

The cloud gaming service operated by Google

has finally arrived.
We have tested it on a ridiculous cheap PC with a 30$/€ AMD Athlon 200GE CPU with integrated graphics.
We played the first game (out of Destiny 2) on the list: Samurai Shodown.
The game is playable and fun, the audio was perfect, .

The graphics at FullHD 1920×1080[…] Read more Google Privacy

How to set all your data to self-destruct.
November 11, 2019 , Privacy and security are two of the most ardent problems of the last decade.
All the big giants of the IT world have had to fight with them and respond to user requests on several occasions: Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and all others have been forced to address the issue of user privacy.

Google is probably the company with the[…] Read more 2 »

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