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Light Measurement Solutions.
High-performance Light Measurement Solutions.

Whether measuring single LEDs or carrying out comprehensive luminaire testing

we provide high performance light measurement solutions designed for a range of industries and applications including: lighting manufacturers, automotive component providers, laboratories and scientific applications.

GL Optic manufactures high-quality

professional light measurement systems. As their exclusive UK and Ireland distributor, we offer GL Optic’s full range of products and services.
You’ll also have access to our in-house Light Measurement expertise and we are happy to work with you to develop an application tailored to your needs.
Browse Light Measurement Solutions below or view our Light Measurement and Testing page to find out which product(s) is right for you.
Alternatively, call us on +44(0)1954 232 776 or email  to discuss your requirements with a Light Measurement Specialist.
Solutions for Horticultural Light Measurement There are many different PAR meters and other radiometers available throughout the market, however, the majority of them are designed and preconfigured for continuum day light spectra.
For horticulture LED lighting, only properly calibrated and high-quality instruments can provide dependable data for professional users.
Growing lights manufacturers.
Scientists and testing laboratories.
Agriculture fish and animal lighting users.
Vertical / indoor farmers.
Human Centric.
Solutions for Human Centric Lighting Ultraviolet radiation is a leading source of photobiological hazards to humans.
Exposure to visible light, particularly blue light, and infrared radiation can be harmful to human eyes and skin.
We provide laboratory-grade solutions to enable accurate photobiological safety assessment for lamp manufacturers, photometric laboratories and Health and Safety professionals.
Who our solutions are suitable for.
Lamp manufacturers – for evaluation of blue light hazards in standards compliance testing procedures.
Photometric laboratories – that want to extend their photobiological safety measurement services.
Health and Safety professionals and scientists – who have a need for optical radiation measurement, such as onsite risk evaluation of industrial processes.
Conservation and Heritage.
Solutions for Conservation and Heritage Light Measurement Light measurement plays a critical role in the conservation of art, museum artefacts and heritage pieces.
We provide a range of portable and handheld instrumentation designed to provide accurate measurement and characterisation of any light source.
Key Applications: Accurate assessment of illumination inside museums, art galleries and exhibition halls.
Development of effective, damage-limiting museum and gallery light displays to maintain safest possible lighting environment.
Automotive Lighting.
Automotive Lighting Measurement Solutions With continual advances in automotive technology, automotive lighting is now a key part of manufacturing design.
There are a variety of factors to consider in the manufacturing process for both R&D and light testing compliance.
We understand the importance of calibrated.

Easy to use instruments which is why we partner with GL Optic to provide accurate

turnkey light measurement solutions.
Rail, .

Aviation and Marine Lighting Industries testing for product compliance

Research and Development Teams who need immediate product and component testing

Quality Control Teams for PCBs.

Engineers testing uniformity of touchscreens with LEDs

Technical University and Scientific Teams who are researching, evaluation, testing and improving technologies.
Lighting Manufacturers.
Solutions for Lighting Manufacturers There are a variety of factors that lighting manufacturers must consider when developing new products.
We understand the importance of having high-quality, reliable light measurement instrumentation in to take accurate measurements.

Which is why we partner with GL Optic to provide precise

fast and affordable light measurement solutions.
Manufacturers’ labs for lamp and modules product compliance.
Research and Development teams who need immediate product and component testing.
Accredited laboratories looking for medium sized solutions for smaller LED products measurement.
Importers and distributors introducing LED lighting products to the market.
Technical universities and scientific teams who are researching, evaluating, testing and improving technologies.
Horticulture lighting manufacturers.
LED Measurement.
Solutions for LED Measurement LED lighting can be negatively effected by electrical current, electronic drivers and terminal element, all of which contribute to the need for the measurement of single LED performance once installed on PCB.
Rather than relying on features outlined on a datasheet, more and more designers are utilising spectrometer based systems that enable them to quickly and easily measure and verify performance.
We provide flexible, handheld systems that allow total light output to be measures by simply placing over single LEDs.

Quality control of incoming LEDs delivered by various suppliers

LED Binning.
Measurement of fiber optic sources like endoscopes and other types.

Calibration of lighting fixtures made of many LEDs

Checking the influence of dimming.

Testing diffusers or optics installed on LEDs

Monitoring changes of spectra, colour or luminous flux.
Architecture and Design.
Solutions for Architecture and Design Whether designing for residential, industrial or commercial spaces, three key considerations are: aesthetic appeal, ergonomics and energy efficiency.
We understand that all of these elements are important to lighting designers.
Our light measurement solutions are ideal for architectural lighting design.
Our products allow you to take accurate light measurements quickly and easily, using high-quality instruments that deliver results within seconds.
Speciality Lighting.
Speciality Lighting Measurement Non visible optical radiation frequencies are widely used in specialised applications.
We supply instruments that provide fast and accurate UV A, B & C testing that can be used in the laboratory or on-site applications.
We understand the importance of calibrated, easy to use instruments which is why we partner with GL Optic to provide accurate, turnkey light measurement solutions.
Examples of Applications: Evaluating compliance of medical treatment lamps.
Maintaining peak wavelengths in pest control lamps.
Spectral Irradiance measurement of UV ranges.

Our Light Measurement customers

GL Gonio Spectrometer – Goniometer for LED Measurement The GL Gonio Spectrometer combines the functionality of a goniophotometer with the features of a spectroradiometer to measure flux and check angle dependence luminous intensity together with colourimetric data.
GL Spectis 1.0 Touch + Flicker – Handheld Smart Spectrometer Ann Android-based smart spectrometer for measurement of colour coordinates, correlated colour temperature, colour rendering index, luminous flux and many other key lighting parameters.
Photometry and Light Measurement   GL Optic Product Overview  Light Measurement Glossary of Terms.
Fill out a , call +44(0)1954 232 776 or email  to discuss your requirements with a specialist.
Solutions Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging.
Remote Sensing.
Particle Characterisation.
High Shear Homogenisation.
Tissue Engineering & Regeneration.
Cell Disruption.
Light Measurement.
Vaccine Development & Production.
Standards, Coatings & Targets.
Precision Agriculture Research.
Conservation & Heritage.
Environmental Monitoring & Mining Exploration.
Products 3D BioPrinting.
Calibration Standards, Coatings & Targets.
Light Measurement and Testing.
Hyperspectral Imaging Systems.
Microfluidizer Processor High Shear Homogenisers.
Non-contact Nanolitre Dispensers.
Particle Analysers.
Continuous Flow Chemical Reactors.
Plant Phenotyping & Imaging.
Partners Agilent Technologies.
Avian Technologies.
CPS Instruments Europe.
GL Optic.
Headwall Photonics.
Malvern Panalytical (ASD).
Particle Metrix / Colloid Metrix.
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