Driving Digital Transformation for Oil and Gas

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Are you Future Ready Read morefor a new energy world

Solutions and expertise for energy and utilities Through Worldgrid business practice and expertise in leading-edge vertical industry solutions, Atos is dedicated to helping utility and energy companies meet the challenge of digital transformation.
New IT practices and service models must now drive operational excellence.
Just a few years ago, many oil and gas companies did not trust cloud models.
That’s changed.
In the US, even public cloud models are already being adopted across the sector.
So what’s behind this change.
In part, it’s the push for IT cost-containment coupled with clear technological maturity.
But even more importantly, it’s about ensuring the agility demanded across all areas of the oil and gas industry – particularly with regard to new data analytics.
As a partner with exceptional industry knowledge, Atos is ready to guide oil and gas companies to these new service models – supported with specific solution expertise, from the rig to the retail outlet.
of oil companies are investing in digital automation for oilfield operations Atos takes a pragmatic approach, contributing to strategic thinking while remaining grounded in the practical application of digital innovation across four areas critical to our oil and gas clients.
You can only build and maintain customer loyalty if you know your private and fleet customers and know how they behave.
Achieving excellence means re-examining well-established processes in terms of digital communication and collaboration.
For oil and gas companies eager to establish new revenue streams, newly connected business models are now the key.
As contributors to essential infrastructure, oil and gas companies must be protected against both physical and cyberattack.
A focused approach for oil and gas digital transformation.
Exploration and Production.
In complex of all global endeavors, new mobile and collaborative practice change the rules.
From predictive maintenance to customized retailing, analytics impact is intense.
Transport and Refining.

The digital refinery is now achievable – Industry 4.0 has changed the game for ever

With extended teams of employees and sub-contractors going digital, cyber-security is critical.
Retail Services.
Business reinvention at the pump is happening right now, fuel stations must win and retain business.
Infrastructure Transformation.
As cloud gains momentum across oil and gas, successful adoption depends on expertise in hybrid.
Madrileña Red De Gas.
For Spanish utility company, Madrileña Red De Gas, intelligent analytics have dramatically boosted fraud detection rates and reduced non-technical losses Repsol.
When Repsol needed to add workforce capacity, .

Atos managed the associated engineering challenge GasTerra

GasTerra and Atos worked closely together to redefine the workplace

Look Out Market Views.
Look Out 2020+.
Atos Look Out 2020+ industry trends report provides an in-depth analysis of the emerging megatrends, business transformation opportunities and technologies to help you steer your organization forward the years ahead.
Positioning paper.
Driving Digital Transformation for Oil and Gas.
Discover areas in which digital transformation promises the greatest short and midterm benefit for oil and gas companies and at how best to optimize existing IT management practices to help pay for it.
Franck Chevalley.

CEO WorldgridGlobal Head of E&U Market Follow or contact Franck: Alpha Baro

Global Head of Oil and Gas MarketFollow or contact Alpha: Jorge Gonzalez

Business Development ManagerFollow or contact Jorge: Interested in our solutions for Energy companies ?.
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