Category: MVVM

Category: MVVM.
At , we build and ship native mobile apps across iOS, Android and Windows platforms to support access to securely from wherever you are on your mobile devices.
Here we have followed a slightly different approach where we design and implement any feature once and then we port the implementation to other platforms.
Therefore we have feature based mobile developers which design and implement each feature across Android, iOS and Windows platform.
MVVM ViewModel in Android ViewModel in iOS (Obj-C) Each view has reference to its view model (initialized through or passed by its parent) where all user interactions are done through events or binding or listeners etc.
depending on platform.
For instance, in iOS we leverage to observe value change in ViewModel to reflect update to View/UI and stuff like button click is simply routed back to ViewModel method either via simple method call or some mechanism.

So our views are just there to render UI widgets/components/layout

If you are interested to see some sample yet naive MVVM implementation: – – PS: This post is revised version of my original blog post at.
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from and code has been pushed to.
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Today, I got opportunity to interact with developers at to demonstrate code sharing between Windows Phone and Windows Store apps.

Slide deck can also be download from Code has been published to

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