Barcade is working with the Green Restaurant Association

How We Are Green.
How we are green.

At Barcade we feel a responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of our business

Here are some of the products we use and programs we have implemented to help reduce our footprint.
Barcade is working with the Green Restaurant Association , an International nonprofit organization founded in 1990, .

To certify all Barcade locations

Their mission is to shift the restaurant industry toward ecological sustainability with the largest database of green solutions for the restaurant industry.
Barcade earns Green Points™ from the Green Restaurant Association for efforts made in: Water Efficiency.
Waste Reduction and Recycling.

Sustainable Durable Goods & Building Materials

Sustainable Food.

Reusables & Environmentally Preferable Disposables

Chemical and Pollution Reduction

Local beer tastes best.

Barcade only sells American-brewed craft beer

and only beer on draft.
On average, 75% of the beer served will be brewed within a few hours drive.
By not serving bottles and cans, the draft beer moves quickly and beers are rotated more frequently.
Empty kegs are returned to the breweries for cleaning and re-filling with no waste or energy consumed by recycling glass or aluminum.

Barcade runs off of wind power provided by local wind farms

The power is delivered to us through the grid by an alternative energy provider.
It didn’t take long to realize how many serving straws a bar can go through per year.
One can only imagine how many plastic straws are out there somewhere.
Barcade uses 100% compostable and sustainable drinking straws and stirring straws from EcoProducts founded in Colorado.

Other eco-conscious supplies include: BPA-free receipt paper

Corn-based disposable utensils.
EcoCraft deli paper made from recycled material & soy based wax.
Biodegradable kraft paper food trays.
Bamboo cocktail skewers.

Green Heritage toilet paper made from 100% recycled materials

These days a “Made in America” tag can be refreshing to see.
Most of our shirts are American Apparel brand andlocally screenprinted by Kayrock Screenprinting.  Recycling.
Much of the material used during our construction was salvaged or found.
Whenever possible we have used reclaimed wood, doors, windows, light fixtures and just about everything else.
Recycled paper stock is used for our daily beer menus.
Food Composting.

Food waste comprises about half of a restaurant’s waste stream

Barcade utilizes local composting companies to help reduce the amount of waste going into landfills.

As a result of environmental initiatives taken at Barcade

we save the following amounts of energy, water, waste,and money annually.
Equivalent to taking 42 passenger vehicles off the road for one year.
Equivalent to over 56 backyard swimming pools.
Our recycling and composting program reduces our waste by 80%.
The amount saved in energy and water bills during the year.
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