Apple Are Now Counter-Suing Epic Games

Apple Are Now Counter-Suing Epic Games, Accuses Them Of “Subterfuge”.

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Gaming Apple Are Now Counter-Suing Epic Games.

Accuses Them Of “Subterfuge” GamingNews Apple Are Now Counter-Suing Epic Games

Accuses Them Of “Subterfuge”.
Ashley Bates September 9, 2020 Fortnite Season 4 Wolverine In the latest development in the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Fortnite developer Epic Games, .

Apple have decided to counter-sue Epic

CNN have reported that in Apple’s counter-suit

they’re accusing the developer of commission theft and subterfuge, describing the hotfix that allowed Fortnite to bypass the App Store as a “Trojan Horse”.
In the court filings.

Which you can view via a PDF right here

Apple are arguing that Epic’s bypass of their App Store policies was the first step in a pre-meditated, multi-faceted campaign spread across ” creative, technical, business, and legal” fronts.
Epic described their legal action as retaliation for Apple removing Fortnite from the App Store.

But Apple are basically saying that the hotfix was actually the first shot

and Apple simply exercised their rights to terminate the Fortnite app following a breach of contract.
The legal process has already seen wins for both sides, as Epic have been unsuccessful in getting Fortnite added to the App Store while the courts deal with this situation.
However, a judge did rule that Apple could not terminate developer access to Unreal Engine for App Store games, as that would be a detriment to other developers who aren’t involved.
Truth be told, it’s hard to argue with Apple’s point that Epic pre-meditated their response and are framing it like “ retaliation ”, but maybe that’s just me.
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Ashley Bates Gaming Editor for Cultured Vultures .
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