Google Trends May Help Crypto Traders Spot Pre-Halving Litecoin Rally “Top”

Litecoin price has been the talk of the crypto world in recent days, as the cryptocurrency has recently grow significantly in value relative to its Bitcoin older brother, and brought investors over 600% returns before the current pullback. It’s help spark increased interest in the digital asset, which has caused its use as a search term to grow on Google Trends.
That spike on Google Trends, according to one crypto analyst, suggests that the pre-halving pump Litecoin has experienced may not be over, as past halvings have caused such enormous spikes in Google Trends, that the “top” of the rally can easily be predicted. The same analyst claims that because the search term being used as a trading indicator hasn’t yet peaked, suggesting that the Litecoin rally still has a few legs left.
Can Google Trends Help Litecoin Traders Secure Profits At the Top?
The closer we get to Litecoin’s halving this coming August, the higher the likelihood that Litecoin’s recent rally is nearing completion. But also the closer we get, the more bullish the market becomes as investors see such enormous gains being brought by the digital silver equivalent. The two things will soon collide, and could result in as much as a 73% panic drop amidst a post-halving selloff.
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For now, though, the rally is far from over, according to a crypto analyst focusing on Litecoin analysis. The analyst has discovered a massive spike in Google Trends interest in Litecoin, that coincided perfectly with the top of the previous pre-halving Lietcoin price rally back in 2015.

listen up. This is critical. Google trends predict tops. Litecoin trends compared to 2015 show we are still massively early. Litecoin has not peaked at all. Study this chart.
Litecoin is a buy here.
We could see ATH by July. Don’t miss this ride.#ltc #litecoin #bitcoin
— Master litecoin ATH incoming (@xtdisnkfe) June 13, 2019

With Litecoin’s halving less than two months away, investors who keep their eyes peeled on the Google Trends charts for Litecoin could be tipped off with the most accurate sell signal yet.

What to Expect from Litecoin Halving Selloff Event
Each halving decreases the block reward miners receive for confirming transactions on the network. In roughly 53 days, the LTC reward – currently 25 LTC – is halved to just 12.5 LTC.
This throws off the balance of supply and demand across the market, which in the past has led to massive Litecoin price surges. The price surges are often front run by investors anticipating such an increase – and can currently be seen playing out across the market.
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Since Litecoin and the cryptocurrency asset class as a whole is still so young, there isn’t much historic data to go on to try and glean information from. The market cycle that most closely resembles the current one, is the the bear to bull transition from 2015 to 2016. During this time, Litecoin also led the market and soared to highs ahead of the halving.

I think we have about 10 more days of litecoin pumping…
I’ve started to move some out of litecoin into bitcoin
If you look at 2015 45 days before they halving the price peaked and drop 73% be aware
45 days will be June 22
Protect some of your profits especially if your new
— Master litecoin ATH incoming (@xtdisnkfe) June 11, 2019

If history repeats itself, Litecoin holders can expect as large as a violent, 73% drop, erasing much of the rally and leaving investors late to secure profits inching closer to being in the red. Those who do capitalize will have made one of the best trades the crypto market offered for an opportunity since the last bull market – and could be a sign of what’s to come for the rest of the space in the coming months.
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