“Unblocked” Calls for Broader Participation in the Blockchain Industry; We Agree!

Social scientist and emerging-technology consultant Alison McCauley recently published her book, “Unblocked: How Blockchains will change your business (and what to do about it)”. The work helps readers understand blockchain technology and thoughtfully prepare for its potential impacts, providing a guide for non-technical business leaders, owners and executives. Smith + Crown is proud to have contributed data and insights to this work.
Blockchains are largely considered complicated and intimidating technology. Unblocked elucidates its subject matter in plain language, maintaining a focus on the takeaways relevant to business leaders, while drawing from key industry perspectives and statistics. Insights from traditional research firms, like IBM, Deloitte, and Gartner, are contrasted with the outlooks of crypto insiders, like Vitalik Buterin, in a manner useful for leaders across industries. Readers can expect commentary from Smith + Crown’s Director of Research, Matt Chwierut on the implications of blockchain as they pertain to data ownership and transferability across apps and platforms, as well as the possibilities that open up when digital tokens are used alongside blockchain technology.
Unblocked addresses subjects already top of mind in the business world, such as GDPR and individual data ownership rights, helping readers understand how blockchain may intersect with demands of users, regulation and other technology innovations to shape the future. These cultural signals are combined to shed light on how blockchain technologies fit into the broader global economy, and where their effects may be realized next.
Unblocked references Smith + Crown’s data while examining the landscape of token based fundraising that grew at an explosive rate in 2017 before swiftly declining in 2018.The book includes the following graphs which vividly quantify the scope of developments.

To further contextualize the popularity of token sales as a fundraising medium from 2013 to 2018, the book compares amounts raised via token sales with amounts raised for blockchain based projects from traditional venture funding during this timespan. This illustrates how eagerly projects embraced this new fundraising vehicle, something which has since altered course yet again in 2019, a theme Smith + Crown elaborates on in our Security Token Overview Series.

Unblocked makes blockchain knowledge accessible to mainstream audiences and existing business leaders. Distributing high quality information to diverse audiences has long been core to the mission of Smith + Crown, and we applaud McCauley’s efforts to empower people from all walks of life to contribute their thinking to the space through increased blockchain literacy. As McCauley poignantly states:
“We need more people lending their voices to influence how this all goes down. The more demographic and skill diversity in this space, the better chance our world has for this redo of foundational systems to be remade, better.”
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