Monero: Deep Dive Report

At Smith + Crown, we’ve long published free content on crypto projects and the blockchain industry as a neutral research organization. Delivering high quality insight and thoughtful analysis to a global audience is, and always has been, our mission.
The 2018 market is changing. Investors are sobering up and weeding out poor quality projects, while a smaller, more serious batch of founders are digging in, iterating, and continuing to build the future. Adapting our insights and analysis to these changes, so to best arm readers with a comprehensive understanding of the industry, remains our priority, and  we’ve asked ourselves, our partners and our peers how our content might change to better suit readers’ current needs. Resoundingly, the response has been to publish deeper information and analysis on a smaller number of significant blockchain projects.
Smith + Crown proudly introduces the Deep Dive Report—
the first of several exciting new tools we’ll be announcing in 2019Q1 and beyond.
The Deep Dive Report is designed for professionals in finance, research, academia, government, law, technology, and blockchain. Besides summarizing key project details, the Deep Dive Report articulates Smith + Crown’s outlook on a project’s prospects, challenges, and potential risks in a reasoned manner, clearly identifying fundamental assumptions and supporting reasons. Attentive readers will gain a deeper understanding of a project and, whether ultimately concurring with or rejecting Smith + Crown’s perspective, can make up their minds on a project’s potential using the best available evidence and leading experts’ reasoning.
Within a Deep Dive Report, readers can expect the following:

A well-rounded overview of the project in plain language

You will be prepared for conversation on any aspect of the system, without feeling overwhelmed. Our team consumes complex whitepapers, countless documents and outside articles on projects before reconfiguring the details into a digestible form. All of the crucial information you need to know is covered, while details that are too in the weeds are left out. The format is designed to maximize your time, and prioritizes what’s worth knowing over what is not.

An outlook on a project’s prospects, challenges and risks

Each project has a unique set of circumstances, market conditions, competitive advantages, and challenges to overcome. We examine the project from every possible angle to help you understand these important tradeoffs. Distributed networks have a variety of ambitions, some of which overlap and some of which conflict. We describe plausible scenarios for network success and discuss them in the context of the broader dynamics at play.

Materials for developing a perspective on long-term cryptoasset performance

Token outperformance is complicated, as it relies on a slew of underlying conditions. Critically, token-based projects may be immensely successful without having value accrue to the underlying cryptoasset.  Each report discusses the cryptoeconomics of the network and its core token(s), and offers a perspective useful in forming your own decision-informing outlook on the token’s long-term prospects.

Above all, we hope you’ll find our Deep Dive Report approach both mature and refreshingly balanced. As a research organization, we don’t make money through advertising and our reports are unpaid, unbiased, and conducted at the sole discretion of the research team. We don’t make buy/sell calls, we don’t frame projects in myopic “good” or “bad” buckets, or attempt to tell you how to think. Speaking in absolutes about complex topics may be a good recipe for a tweet to go viral, or for a personality to rise to fame in a market of uncertainty, but serious research acknowledges reasonable dissent and human fallibility.
We write for an audience of sophisticated professionals capable of appreciating the many shades of gray that exist in this exciting and complicated industry. No matter how intelligent or capable any individual is, it is impossible to meaningfully analyze the full array of diverse, ongoing projects without a full-time team of experts from diverse backgrounds. We hope that the Deep Dive Report will succinctly summarize critical information, while unlocking robust and nuanced tradeoffs upon which to base your own decisions and perspectives.
Please enjoy our first instantiation of The Deep Dive Report, on Monero.

Inside, you’ll find:

Notable Developments
The Monero Network

Privacy Details
Scaling Strategies
Mining and Nodes
Network Hashrate

The Cryptoeconomics of Monero

XMR Token Function
XMR Supply and Distribution


Core Team

Monero vs. Key Crypto Projects

vs. Bitcoin
vs. ZCash
vs. Dash

Prospects and Challenges
Risk Factors
Market Outperformance Scenarios

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